THE WEEK OF FINANCIAL MARKETS: Learn How to Beat the Market Crash and Build Wealth

The old rules of money no longer apply. If you stick to old-fashioned guidelines, your portfolio has probably been affected by this latest market correction. Traditional advice, such as work hard, get out of debt and invest for the long term, were rules before the 2008 crisis.

You can’t save your way rich. It’s impossible with the amount of money that has been printed. When the government prints so much money in such a short amount of time, people only become poorer, just by holding their cash. The idea that “money has to go somewhere,” was one of the reasons why we saw the stock market at record levels during Covid-19. But now that the Fed is focused on inflation and raising interest rates, it doesn’t make sense to put your money into something that will be at a major discount in a few months time. So where do you put your money?

It’s time to start thinking and doing things differently. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about economics, finance, the state of the world right now and, most importantly, what you can do to improve your financial future.

What does this course cover?

How the Economy Works: Understanding Unemployment, CPI and Inflation

  • What Makes Up An Economy?
  • The Optimal Economy and Its Objectives
  • Definition of Unemployment
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Inflation
  • How to read a CPI report
    Inflation and Why It Is So Persistent

Money and Interest Rates: How the Fed Controls the Money Supply

  • What is the Federal Funds Rate?
  • Nominal versus Real Interest Rates and How they Move Markets
  • The Money Supply
  • Creating New Money
  • How the Fed Injects Money into the System
  • Leverage, debt and credit

Learn Financial Markets In A Nutshell: Strategies, Asset Classes, and Leverage

  • Los Cuatro Objetivos al Invertir
  • The Four Investment Objectives
    The 4 Main Asset Classes
  • Understanding Leverage in the Stock and Real Estate Markets
  • The Use of Credit as Leverage

Navigate the Financial Markets: Beat the Next Market Crash

  • Market “Truisms”
  • Pension Funds vs. Hedge Funds and How they Influence the Financial Narrative
  • Market Analysis During Covid
  • Market Analysis Today

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