Becoming an Airbnb host can be profitable with the right strategies. Here are several tips you should follow, which include automating guest communications, creating a comprehensive house manual, encouraging guest reviews, investing in high-quality linens, and optimizing search engine ranking. 

Automate Guest Communications

By keeping in touch with guests before, during, and after their stay, you can set yourself apart from other Airbnb hosts. The good news is, you can automate this process with Host Tools. You can set up automated messages to thank guests for booking, remind them about their stay, check in during their stay, remind them about checkout rules, and encourage them to leave a positive review. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a host or struggling to manage multiple properties? Host Tools can help without affecting your profits as much as hiring a co-host or property manager. With Host Tools, you can take care of communication with guests, set door codes, synchronize availability and pricing across channels, schedule and manage cleaning, and more.

Create a House Manual

Make your listing stand out by including a comprehensive house manual that provides information about the property and surrounding neighborhood. Your house manual should cover details like WiFi, parking information, public transportation, nearby attractions, and your favorite food and drink spots. Use our template to create your own. Having a complete house manual will answer guests’ questions before they even ask, saving you time and streamlining your communication.

Encourage Guest Reviews

Guests may not leave a review simply because they forget. In addition to creating an excellent guest experience, you can encourage guests to leave a review by reviewing them soon after check-out and sending an automated reminder.

This is a crucial tip for Airbnb hosts because reviews are one of your most valuable assets. A high number of positive reviews will bring you more bookings and allow you to charge more for your property. Airbnb prioritizes properties with the most reviews in guest search results.

Make a Good Impression with a Welcome Basket

Start your guests’ trip off on a positive note with a well-prepared welcome basket. These baskets can greatly improve the guest experience and result in positive reviews. The basket can include simple items like information about the area, snacks, and additional toiletries. To add an extra touch of comfort, you could include items like slippers, or create baskets for special occasions such as holidays or anniversaries.

Get Insurance for Short-Term Rentals

Your standard homeowner’s insurance won’t cover any property damage or liabilities related to your Airbnb. While Airbnb does offer some protection, it can be difficult for hosts to get compensation. Short-term rental insurance is a small financial commitment that will give you peace of mind and proper protection.

Maintain a Spotless Airbnb

The saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” holds true when it comes to Airbnb hosting. To ensure a spotless property, especially during the Covid-19 era, consider hiring a cleaning crew or automating your cleaning process. A clean property is key to securing positive guest reviews.

Opt for Keyless Entry

As your Airbnb business expands, it may become challenging to meet each guest in person. Additionally, many guests prefer to start their relaxation as soon as they arrive. Keyless entry through smart locks simplifies the check-in process, eliminating scheduling stress in case of flight delays and allowing you to assign unique entry codes to each guest for added security and peace of mind. Follow these five easy steps to automate your check-in process.

Master Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to boosting your occupancy rate. Airbnb uses over a hundred factors to determine the ranking of your listing in a guest’s search, and optimizing your property listing will improve its visibility and, ultimately, your income.

List Your Property on Multiple Channels

Expanding your reach by listing your property on multiple platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO,, etc. increases the visibility of your property and potential guests. Utilize property management software like Host Tools to stay organized and avoid double bookings.

Invest in High-Quality Linens

Investing in quality linens will provide a heavenly sleep experience for your guests. Look for linens with a thread count of at least 200, with 300 being the standard for superhosts. Choose white sheets for easy bleaching.

Promote Your Listing on Social Media

Create a Facebook business page and an Instagram account for your property. Use these platforms to introduce yourself, your Airbnb, and nearby attractions. Social media can help tell your Airbnb’s story.

Protect Your Property With Cameras And Noise Monitors

Protect your investment by installing security cameras in public areas of your property (outdoors only) to safeguard your property and protect yourself from legal issues. A noise monitor also ensures no parties are held on the premises, as Airbnb has banned parties and may penalize hosts who allow them. Don’t forget to disclose all recording devices to guests.

Understand Your Cancellation Policy

Choosing the right cancellation policy for your short-term rental listing on platforms like Airbnb is crucial as it can have a significant impact on your ranking and booking success. A more flexible cancellation policy, such as “flexible” or “moderate”, can make it easier for guests to book your property, increasing the likelihood of a booking. However, a more strict policy, such as “strict” or “super strict”, may discourage guests from booking, which could result in a lower ranking on the platform and fewer bookings. Additionally, a strict policy may also result in guests leaving negative reviews, further impacting your ranking. There are trade-offs between flexibility and security when selecting a cancellation policy, so you should take the time to understand each one and choose the policy that best aligns with your priorities and goals as a property owner.

Set Your Pricing Strategically

While Airbnb’s Smart Pricing may seem convenient, it may underprice your rentals to maximize profits for Airbnb, not you. Utilize a platform that allows you to create customized pricing strategies to maximize your income.

Take Stunning Photos

High-quality Airbnb photography is crucial to your success as a host. Invest the time and effort to make your property look amazing and consider hiring a professional photographer to showcase its best features. Guests are more likely to choose a property with eye-catching photos over one with lackluster images.

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